The Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development intends to adopt a new Works and Services Bylaw to establish the process, fees and standards of construction for works and services on the public lands in the UEL.

The new bylaw will regulate and require the provision of works and services in respect to the development and subdivision of land within the UEL. Works and services include water, sanitary and storm drainage infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, street lighting and boulevard landscaping within the public realm.

Aspects of the new bylaw include administrative and installation fees, the establishment of the Master Municipal Construction Documents standards and supplemental standards specific to UEL, a common form for servicing agreements and statutory right-of-way easements, and security provision to ensure works and services are satisfactorily completed.

Works and Services Bylaw, 2016

The bylaw and its schedules may also be viewed at the UEL Administration Office at 5495 Chancellor Blvd, Vancouver, BC from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

The Official Community Plan for the University Endowment Lands (UEL) was adopted in October, 2005 after an extensive public consultation process.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a broad statement of the policies and community objectives which guide decisions on planning and land use within the UEL. All Bylaws and public works investments must be consistent with the OCP.

The UEL’s Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw (including all schedules and maps) consolidates all the bylaws and regulations in the UEL into a single document. The entire Bylaw can be purchased from the UEL Administration Office, or you can click on the following links if you would like to print off some of the more popular sections of the Bylaw:

Land Use Designations, Schedule 1

Single-Family Dwelling District SF-2

Commercial District C: p. 67 of Building Bylaw

Comprehensive District CD-1: p. 86 of Building Bylaw

Schedule 6: Noise Control Bylaw

Schedule 14: Control of Animals

Schedule 4: Sign Control

Schedule 10: Cross Connection Control

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