Ref: 393291

Claire Huxtable, Chair

University Endowment Lands, Community Advisory Council


Dear Ms. Huxtable:

Thank you for your email sent on July 29, 2020 requesting elimination of the additional school tax. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas and feedback.

As noted in our previous correspondence with the University Endowment Lands Community Advisory Council, dated December 16, 2019, the additional school tax appears as Point 5 of our government’s 30-point housing plan, Homes for B.C. Making life more affordable is one of the key commitments this government has made to British Columbians, and our 30-point housing plan lays out the many actions being taken to meet that commitment. We hope you’ll take a moment to review the plan and learn more about the steps we’re taking to help tackle B.C.’s housing crisis:

Each year, government reviews provincial taxes and considers changes in preparation of the provincial budget. The government then implements tax changes that it determines to be appropriate within the context of the province’s fiscal situation and other priorities. Be assured that your comments have been noted and will be considered as part of these discussions.

Thank you again for taking the time to write. We appreciate your support and input on how we can build a better B.C.


Office of the Minister and Deputy Premier

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