Lynne – Pomfret – Area A


Lynne and her family moved from Vancouver to the UEL in 1992. She and her husband Peter Stanley have two daughters, both educated here. The elder daughter attended UBC for her master’s degree.

Lynne, also a UBC graduate, has taught in the public school system for more than 12 years in the Surrey School district and more recently in Vancouver. Previously, she worked in sales for Xerox and co-owned an antique store in Point Grey for many years.

A keen gardener, Lynne was drawn to the UEL by its park-like setting, separation from the city, and also by its proximity to the beaches, Pacific Spirit Park and UBC’s amenities.


Dave Forsyth CAC & ADP – Area A


Although Dave has lived in the UEL for most of his life, he does not take for granted how fortunate he is to live in this very special neighbourhood. Dave’s goal is to ensure that the overall character of the neighbourhood is preserved while respecting the interests of both long-term residents and families who are new to the UEL.

Dave is a Professional Engineer specializing in industrial control systems and software. He balances his work with an active life of running, tennis, and Saturday morning cycling trips with a great group of neighbours. Dave has served on the CAC for the past three years as Secretary/ Treasurer, and on the ADP for the past six years. Dave will do his best to ensure that all residents are truly represented in a fair, open, and democratic manner.

Jaymie Glasmann Ho CAC & ADP – Area B


Jaymie’s goal as ADP Rep for Area B is to provide continuity in neighbourhood representation. Jaymie has called the UEL her home since 1998 and has felt fortunate to raise her family here with her husband, Steven. She contributes a strong background in finance, consulting, and community volunteerism, as well as her appreciation for the history and community values of the UEL. Jaymie holds an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Stanford, and previously worked for JPMorgan in New York and Citicorp in Hong Kong, providing investment banking services. Jaymie’s three years on the ADP, and her involvement with the Communications Committee, U Hill Connection’s editorial Board, and the Block F Committee, will inform her position on the CAC. She hopes to build on the progress of past CACs and help create more amenities for the UEL community!


Peter McConnell – Area C


Peter has lived in Area C of the UEL for almost 14 years. He has an MSc in Physics from UBC. He is a retired engineer and worked in various positions with several local high-technology firms. One of these firms was Sierra Wireless Inc, where he was one of the co-founders. He is presently Board Chair of the Pacific Flying Club, a Not For Profit Society providing aircraft rental and flight training to its members. He holds a Commercial Pilot’s License and owns a homebuilt experimental aircraft. In 2011 he worked with a candidate in the campaign for the Greater Vancouver Regional District Electoral Area A Director. Since 2011, he has been involved with two CAC committees, the UEL Governance Committee, and the Block F Committee. Through these activities he gained insight into the many issues facing the UEL, those of concern to UEL residents, and the unique governance structure of the UEL. Peter wants to ensure that the CAC represents all residents in an effective manner, and to continue building on the efforts of the past UEL CAC councils.


Justin LeBlanc CAC – Area D


I was born and raised in a small community in Manitoba called Pinawa, and then my family moved to another small community, about the size of the UEL, called Deep River, in Ontario, where I finished high school. The principal employer of both towns was Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, and so I grew up in communities teeming with scientists and a culture that valued education highly (similar to the UEL, in that way).

I pursued an undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and graduated in 2004, receiving the Medal in Biochemistry as the graduated with the highest overall standing. My partner and I moved to an apartment in Area D of the UEL in the fall of 2004 and have enjoyed living here ever since.

Recently, I completed my Ph.D. at UBC in the subdiscipline of environmental microbiology. The aim of my doctoral research was to understand the physiology of key pollutant-degrading bacteria in order to realize effective bioremediation strategies for contaminated soils.

During my graduate studies, I have been an active volunteer, whether by visiting classrooms throughout Vancouver as part of the UBC Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program or running the composting program in the Life Sciences Centre at UBC. Promoting safety in the communities where I have lived has been another important role for me, as reflected in my five years of experience working with the Walkhome and Safewalk services at Queen’s University and UBC, respectively. I would love to offer my positive energy, knowledge of the neighborhood, and communication and research skills to the community advisory groups of the UEL.


Mojan Nozari – Area D


I am excited to be part of the Community Advisory Council as one of the members from Area D – my neighbourhood. I have lived in the UEL since 2001, and moved to Acadia Road with my husband and my son in 2005.

I have accumulated several years of experience in the architecture and development of mixed commercial/ residential high-rise complexes, community centres, libraries, etc., both in Canada and abroad. Currently, I am working with the IBI group on a major project next to BC Place.

I feel so fortunate to be living in the UEL, next to Pacific Spirit Park. Walking and jogging through its trails with my dog, makes me realise how fortunate we are to be surrounded by its beauty, and how important it is for us to take care of it and preserve it for generations to come.

I am looking forward to representing our community on the CAC.


Hong Chen CAC & ADP – Area D


I have lived in the UEL since 2002. I have served on the Community Advisory Council since February 2013 and on the ADP since July 2014.

Having lived in North America for more than twenty years, I hope to continue contributing to our multicultural environment. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Science and Technology of China (Geophysics), a Master’s degree from Harvard University (Geophysics), and an MBA from Queen’s University School of Business. I have worked as an analyst in venture capital (1996-2001) and in public equity investing (2002 to present).

Urban design, architecture, and community building are of great interest to me. I would like to encourage building designs that take into account the UEL’s unique and valuable heritage, wherever possible