Meng Yu (Moony) Qi – Area A

Moony moved to the UBC area during high school.  While attending high school, she volunteered in local community centres including the Old Barn Community Centre, where she tutored local elementary students and engaged in community activism.  Moony left Vancouver to pursue her dreams after graduating from high school.  She has now returned to her home in Vancouver to continue her career and be closer to her friends and family.  In her spare time, Moony enjoys cooking cuisine from different cultures, this hobby came from her travel experiences.  Moony’s goal for the Community Advisory Council includes strengthening the community bonds and also assisting with improving the way information is passed on to the community through technologies like Facebook.

Vanessa Young – Area A

Vanessa currently serves as an elected Area A representative on the UEL CAC.

Claire Huxtable CAC & ADP – Area D

Claire has lived in Area D for over 10 years with her husband and daughter. In addition to the great services on campus, her family loves running and bike riding on the trails through Pacific Spirit Park.

Both Claire and her husband completed undergraduate and graduate degrees at UBC. She is a professional forester and financial analyst. She looks forward contributing to the work of the CAC in managing growth and keeping the campus a great place to live, work and study. 

Judie Glick – Area C

Judie is pleased to join the ADP and the CAC for Area C, Little Oz. Judie and her husband, Fred, built their home there in 2001. They have lived on the west side of Vancouver for over 30 years.

Judie has a BA in Humanities and a Master of Urban Planning degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, where she grew up. She worked as a planner in the City of Langley in the 1970’s. Judie and Fred started Fraser Valley Produce Juice and Salad at the Granville Island Public Market in 1979 and Judie has co-authored two cookbooks based on her work in the market. She is currently working on an illustrated food history of Vancouver. Judie also studies Sogetsu Ikebana and has been on the executive of the Vancouver Ikebana Association.  

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Mojan Nozari – Area D


I am excited to be part of the Community Advisory Council as one of the members from Area D – my neighbourhood. I have lived in the UEL since 2001, and moved to Acadia Road with my husband and my son in 2005.

I have accumulated several years of experience in the architecture and development of mixed commercial/ residential high-rise complexes, community centres, libraries, etc., both in Canada and abroad. Currently, I am working with the IBI group on a major project next to BC Place.

I feel so fortunate to be living in the UEL, next to Pacific Spirit Park. Walking and jogging through its trails with my dog, makes me realise how fortunate we are to be surrounded by its beauty, and how important it is for us to take care of it and preserve it for generations to come.

I am looking forward to representing our community on the CAC.

Marg Stuart – Area B

Born in Vancouver I have known the University area as a young child, again as a student and then I purchased a home in the UEL with my family in 2000. I co-founded an international management consulting firm in 1989 where I apply my background in design, planning and strategy.

I am stepping back into an active role on the CAC because there are some things happening in the UEL that I am concerned about: the impact of Block F density on the UEL, the community centre issues, the question of where the pressure to densify the UEL is coming from. There seems to be a master plan, but the Community is not privy to it – Why? Protecting the official Community Plan and the existing land use, building and community administration By-Laws from outside interests, the UEL Governance Study.

I look forward to working with my fellow CAC members, representing Area B and the broader community of UEL residents.