Council Meetings and Decisions

The CAC resolved during the December 12, 2011 meeting that all its meetings should be held in public, with the limited exceptions prescribed in the Community Charter, and that there would be an opportunity at meetings for members of the public to make representations to the CAC. The CAC trusts that this makes its commitment to openness and transparency clear.

Below you will find an archive of previous CAC Public Meeting Packages and Minutes for 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Older archives of the CAC Public Meetings are available upon request.


2019 Monthly Public Meetings

January 21AgendaMinutesCommunity Centre, Community Amenity Building
March 4AgendaMinutes2018 Crime Summary
UBC Pacific Residence Rationale
UBC Pacific Residence Rational Shadows Study
March 25AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
April 15AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
May 21AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
Letter from the President January 2019
Letter from the President June 2019
June 17AgendaMinutes
July 15AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
September 16AgendaMinutesNewsletter Summer 2019
EAA Director's Update
October 21AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
UEL Community Centre Final Report
Ministerial Letters
November 18AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
Repeal School Tax Surcharge
Review of August 7, 2019 Report
CAC Letter to UEL Manager Jonn Braman
Letter to the CAC from UEL Manager Jonn Braman
December 16AgendaMinutesEAA Director's Update
RFP for UEL Governance Study
CAC Priorities 2020 Letter

2018 Monthly Public Meetings

January 15AgendaMinutes
February 19AgendaMinutes2017 Crime statistics for UEL and UBC area

University Blvd Area Student Experience and Housing Strategy Presentation

Letter of Notice of Appeal for Hearing for Development Permit #12/16
March 19AgendaMinutes
April 16AgendaMinutes
May 14AgendaMinutes
June 18AgendaMinutes
July 16AgendaMinutes
September 10AgendaMinutes
October 15AgendaMinutes
November 19AgendaMinutes
December 17AgendaMinutes

2017 Monthly Public Meetings

January 16AgendaMinutes
February 20AgendaMinutesISMP Stage 2 Report (AECOM)
UBC GamePlan - Recreation and Athletics Facilities Public Consultation
March 20AgendaMinutesMarch Bulletin Block F (Musqueam Capital Corporation)
April 24AgendaMinutes2016 UEL Water Quality Report
May 15AgendaMinutesISMP Stage 3 and 4 CAC Presentation
UEL ISMP Stage 3 Report Draft
UEL ISMP Stage 4 Report Draft
June 19AgendaMinutes
July 17AgendaMinutes
September 18AgendaMinutesISMP Final Draft
October 16AgendaMinutes
November 20AgendaMinutes
December 18AgendaMinutes2017 AGM Agenda

2017 AGM Minutes

2016 Monthly Public Meetings

January 18AgendaMinutes
February 15AgendaMinutes
March 21AgendaMinutes
April 18AgendaMinutes
May 16AgendaMinutes
June 20AgendaMinutes
July 18AgendaMinutes
September 19AgendaMinutes
October 17AgendaMinutes
November 21AgendaMinutes
December 19AgendaMinutes