What’s in a name that doesn’t make sense?

Fact: The UEL is not connected to UBC. The reason why “UEL” includes the word “endowment” is that the profit generated from the sale or lease of these lands by the provincial government was originally intended to form an endowment, the income from which would help support UBC. No profit appears to ever have been generated yet the misnomer lives on – as does the confusion it creates.

Fact: Just as in the City of Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities, residential and commercial properties in the UEL are owned privately.

Fact: A large residential community (current population: 9,000) is being developed on property owned by UBC as part of its campus. Like the UEL, this community lacks municipal status. The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA), comprised of five resident-elected directors and three appointed directors, performs some functions of a local government, as does UBC.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

This regional park constitutes the largest portion of the UEL, and is criss-crossed by numerous walking, cycling, and horseback riding trails. For many U Hill residents, no day is complete without a walk in the park; similarly, visitors from near and far delight in this tremendous community asset.