Block F Working Group

The UEL community had a role in the review process through the Block F Working Group, a committee established by the Community Advisory Council. Many recommendations of the Working Group were listened to by the property owner, their design team and the BC government’s team.

However, numerous significant concerns of the community group were not acted on, and the approval is going ahead with outstanding concerns and objections. The most significant outstanding issue is the tower height. The existing zoning allows for 4-storey buildings, and while there are benefits to building taller buildings, the Working Group felt that 12-storeys would be fine, but the 18-stories is too tall and will be out of character of the UEL and too overpowering for the surrounding environment.

Community Works Fund Working Group

The Community Works Fund funding is allocated based on the size of the population, amounting to around $100,000 per year with a commitment to the UEL lasting at least five years. The fund can be used for independent ideas in the UEL or partnership projects with other communities.  Jaymie Ho and Lynne Pomfret from the UEL CAC, Marcin Pachcinski (Division Manager, Electoral Area and Environment) and Maria Harris have met three times (in April, July, and November) to discuss project opportunities and application for the fund. In the first meeting in April, 19 project ideas were identified.  In the second meeting in July, 5 project ideas were shortlisted for further consideration.  In November’s meeting, 2 projects were shortlisted based on how broad-based the projects were (i.e. ability to impact many people).

Some shortlisted project ideas are:

  • Scramble intersection at Wesbrook Mall and University Blvd (similar to Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan)
  • Project relating to noise impact – a study on noise

Right now, the Community Works Fund working group is waiting to hear back from UBC before deciding the project(s) the Community Works Funds will be dedicated to. The working group will meet again in the spring of 2017 to make a decision and move forward.  In the meantime, they are open to new project ideas in the process.

Little Australia Park Working Group

The Metro Vancouver Parks has proposed a plan for a new service yard for Pacific Spirit Regional Park.At the July 2016 UEL Community Advisory Council (CAC) public meeting, there was unanimous community support for the Little Australia Park to not become the new service yard site for Pacific Spirit Park.

In response to the overwhelming opposition against the new service yard at Little Australia Park, a working group was created to work to save the park and relocate the service yard to an alternate site. The group has reviewed Metro’s three proposed replacement service yard sites, and strongly rejects any site within the Little Australia Park triangle.


Important Update!

The Little Australia Park and the entire Drummond triangle has been removed from further consideration for the Pacific Spirit Regional Park service yard.
Congratulations to the collective effort and support shown from the community. Thank you to the Save Little Oz Park Working Group (special thanks to Pete McConnell for spearheading the movement) for your efforts in informing and mobilizing the community.
Thank you also to the residents of the UEL and West Point Grey, the West Point Grey Residents Association, the Pacific Spirit Park Society, David Eby (MLA), Maria Harris (EEA rep), the Point Grey businesses, the UEL CAC, and Wolf Wenzel for volunteering his time to help the campaign design its logo and pamphlet.