Some residents have brought up concerns about the changing character of the single-family areas of the UEL. Specially, residents are concerned that several properties have been rented out on a short-term basis, which erodes the fabric of the community. Current UEL bylaws prohibit rental of single-family homes to groups of people unrelated to the homeowner.

In addition, residents have highlighted that MLS listings for several single-family homes include references to the potential to rent out the property to UBC students.

Concerned residents can contact the listing agents directly to ask them to remove references to renting from the listing.  Ideally, agents should also inform potential buyers that rental of single-family homes is not permitted.

Listings for homes for sale in the UEL can be found at:

Any user can set up an account for free, and then set up “Property Alerts” for the UBC area. New listings will automatically be sent to the registered email address.

If an agent and/or their company does not remove references to property rentals from their listings, it is possible to make a complaint about an agent with the Real Estate Council of BC:

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